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Dean's Blue Hole

Long Island has many wonderful attractions, but Dean's Blue Hole is by far the most impressive.


For divers, it’s an exciting shore dive; for snorkelers it’s a place of curiosity; but for scientists it is nothing short of a phenomenon!


Besides being one of the world’s deepest ocean blue holes (663 feet deep), it happens to be absolutely gorgeous!


Dean's is safe to dive and to snorkel, but children and non-swimmers should stay well away.  The drop-off from the sandy beach into the blue hole is extremely sudden.


Think of a sink drain and you’ll know how it feels to dive Dean's – spooky!  At about 75 feet Dean’s circular shaft begins to widen to about 240 feet.  Waterfalls of sand cascade dramatically down the sides.  Barracuda and tarpon emerge eerily from the depths and tropical fish swim all about.


In 1992 Deep Breathing Systems explored and mapped Dean's.  One expedition member, Jim King, actually reached the bottom.  His depth gauge read 663 feet!


Thanks to renowned freediver William Trubridge, Dean's is now a mecca for freedivers to train and compete.  Many world and national records have been achieved here and William, himself, has broken several world records. 


Look for training information, news and the current records on

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