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On Long Island, Regatta is an exciting yearly event beginning on Thursday before the first weekend of June.  The Regatta Site & Cultural Center is right here in Salt Pond, and the race courses are directly in front of Grotto Bay!


Not so long ago, these massive wooden vessels were life-lines to other islands and to the world beyond.  They transported vegetables, fruit, sheep and goats that were then traded for valuable commodities to bring back home.


Today Regatta is a poignant reminder of those times, keeping alive for future generations the old tradition of boat-building and sailing.  It is also a great excuse to party!  Like an adult Spring Break, the action is as much in the clubs and restaurants as it is on the water.


When it's time to race, the boats all line up, the gun goes off and the sails are raised! Spectators watch the excitement from the water or beach and follow the action all along the course.


For three days, boats in several categories (determined by size) race along several designated courses.   They must be Bahamian-designed, built and owned, and materials and configuration must be traditional Bahamian.  They must also be skippered and crewed by Bahamians.


This is a fun-filled, not-to-be-missed event!

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