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Long Island, Bahamas

Whether you’re on land or on water, exploring Long Island is what it’s all about.  Just be sure to bring your camera!


The Queens Highway runs the length of the island – about 60 miles – with no stop lights!  Driving here is on the Left, a vestige from its English past.  And don’t be surprised if people wave as you drive past – just wave back and smile.  This is a genuinely friendly island!


With its expansive shoreline and uninhabited offshore cays, the dream of having a sandy beach all to oneself here is as easy as finding a ripe coconut.  Powder-soft sparkling white (and even pink) sandy beaches abound. 


On the calm banks side, extremely clear waters ranging from aqua to pale green lap the shore, and sand as soft as talcum powder stretches for miles.  The Atlantic surf crashes on the opposite side, but many protected coves provide spectacular private hideaways.


From diving into inland blue holes to kayaking serpentine mangrove-lined waterways, the views are spectacular and the fun endless.

Sailing Regatta

On Long Island, Regatta is an exciting yearly event beginning on Thursday before the first weekend of June.  The Regatta Site & Cultural Center is right here in Salt Pond, and the race courses are directly in front of

Grotto Bay!

Dean's Blue Hole

Long Island has many wonderful attractions, but Dean's Blue Hole is by far the most impressive.

For divers, it’s an exciting shore dive; for snorkelers it’s a place of curiosity; but for scientists it is nothing short of a phenomenon! Besides being one of the world’s deepest ocean blue holes (663 feet deep), it happens to be absolutely gorgeous!

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